Just as it takes a lot of skill to hit a golf ball very far with a regular-sized driver, it takes a certain amount of talent to hit a golf ball not very far with a humongous driver.

This week a Dallas area golf pro named Michael Furrh drove a ball 146 yards using a 14-foot-2.5 inch driver. The distance might not sound like a lot, but the club was enormous. In fact, Furrh's drive will be the world record, if recognized by sanctioning officials.

Currently, the Guinness World Record for "Longest 'Usable' Golf Club" is owned by Karsten Maas of Denmark. Maas used a 13-foot-5 inch club to drive a ball 134 yards.

So Furrh has Maas beat with both the size of the club and the length of the drive.

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According to the video's YouTube page, Furrh's club was made of regulation steel shafts and had a 460cc head.

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