If there one word that can be associated with the Brooklyn Nets, it's "cool." The black and white uniforms, Jay-Z and Brooklyn itself all scream "hip."

Well, it looks like the Nets might have just lost some of their cool credibility.

On Saturday the team unveiled the NBA's first superhero mascot, a masked marvel named "BrooklyKnight." A press release deemed BrooklyKnight the "protector of Brooklyn's hometown team, defender of New York's largest and most courageous borough, and ruler of Barclays Center."

The Nets also worked with Marvel on a new comic book, BrooklyKnight #1, which chronicles the exploits of Brooklyn's mascot. For a sneak peek at the comic book, see here.

While some, like Nets center and comic book enthusiast Brook Lopez may have been impressed with BrooklyKnight, others were left shaking their heads. Will Leitch of New York Magazine called the mascot "a walking nightmare" and "irredeemably lame."

In Brooklyn's defense, anything is an upgrade from Sly the Fox.

Here's BrooklyKnight's introduction on Saturday:

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