We know this much about the best center in Los Angeles: he is a big jokester and an even bigger farter.

No, we're not talking about Dwight Howard, although he is famous for his humor and his flatulence.

Rather it's Los Angeles Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan who has been making the most noise on the court, and, well, off of it.

Jordan's 71.4 percent field goal mark is by far the best in the NBA, and he's a big reason the Clippers have gotten off to a 6-2 start. But Jordan didn't just improve his game over the summer, he also spent time honing his comedy chops.

The sports entertainment channel NOC released a video Thursday of Jordan at Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The 7-footer brought a fart machine, and pranked unsuspecting victims near the skate park. The reactions are hilarious.

Perhaps the best response to Jordan's farting comes from a girl who says Jordan reminds her of the character "Pumbaa" from The Lion King:

"In Hakuna Matata [Pumba] says, 'It hurts that my friends never want to stand downwind.'"

Well said, ma'm.

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