Jim Gray has done his share of exciting and memorable interviews.

Never, however, has he had one end the same way as his chat with Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace did on Sunday.

After Gray and World Peace finished discussing the Lakes' victory over the Sacramento Kings, World Peace invited Gray to party with him. Unfortunately, Gray declined.

Here's the unofficial transcript:

World Peace: "Jim Gray, we're gonna party tonight, right?"
Gray: "I don't think so, you're too much for me."
World Peace: "Let's pop some bottles, Jim!"

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In all seriousness, World Peace has come a long way since the "Brawl at The Palace," and his ability to joke lightheartedly and reflect on his transgressions is a good indication of his progress.

World Peace's psychiatrist should be proud of herself.

(H/T to Eye On Basketball)

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