At this point, the NOC should be required viewing for every sports fans. Those guys are producing hits like Marco Scutaro in the NLCS.

And, surprise, surprise, their latest video just happens to be hilarious.

Like they did a few weeks ago with NFL fans, the NOC parodied every NBA fan base, and this video is laugh-out-loud funny.

Some of the highlights:

Los Angeles Clippers: "All those years of not being able to afford Lakers tickets are finally starting to pay off."

Portland Trail Blazers: "I just scored the sweetest Arvydas Sabonis jersey from a thrift store that only sells clothes donated from other thrift stores."

Detroit Pistons: "I only came here to do two things: fight and watch basketball. And we've been out of good basketball since 2008."

Toronto Raptors: "We're like Cleveland with health care."


Well played.

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