Ryan Lochte really knows how to make the most of his 15 minutes of fame.

Lochte, he of the gold and the grills, has amazingly carved out a nice acting career for himself. He's scored cameo roles in "90210" and "30 Rock" and and was rumored to be up for consideration for the next season of "The Bachelor."

Being the savvy businessman that he is, Lochte has also managed to lock down some commercials. His latest spot is for Nissan, and it's pretty much exactly what you would expect for someone who is as bad at acting as he is good at swimming.

The commercial opens with Lochte sitting on a couch, wearing nothing but compression shorts and a robe. He turns to the camera and delivers these two sentences:

"Hi, I'm Ryan Lochte, reminding you to make a powerful first impression. You may not have won gold, but you can be gold in the all new Nissan Sentra".

Then a man pops up from behind Lochte and says, "Mi amigo speaks the truth."

Lochte gives the camera a thumbs up and says, "Si."

Bravo, Ryan.

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After watching that spot, this spoof of Lochte's commercial clumsiness is pretty much required viewing.

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