Karim Rejeb had devoted his life to depicting surfers. As a painter, artist and photographer, Rejeb has spent years around the ocean.

In addition to his numerous painting and sketches, Rejeb has released several stop-motion surfing films. He began with the film "Lino" in 2010 and has been perfecting his craft ever since. His most recent project, "Perfect Holiday," just may be Rejeb's best work yet.

The details in this video are stunning, and the production is first class.

SMILE - "Perfect holiday", by Karim Rejeb from December Producciones on Vimeo.

Rejeb described the process of creating this videos in an interview with Surf Bang:

My girlfriend has to endure that I'm a big kid and sneak my son's toys. Other ways, climbing up the dune, giving the lego a five millimeters push, running down, taking a photo, climbing up again, giving it a five mil push, running down, shooting it, climb… To get my fifteen shots per second, it's a lot of up-and-down and at the end of the day it’s a lot of work because I mostly work alone.

The other hard thing is to find the right speed for the image linking to get the movements as natural as possible. Details are always very important, like the positioning of the head and arms.

Rejeb's hard work is well worth it in creating these true masterpieces.

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