Houston Rockets fans are excited about Jeremy Lin, but few are as pumped up as Michael Wu, the dad of comedian and Internet sensation Kevin Wu (perhaps better known as KevJumba). Michael invites Lin to his Houston home for dinner. Michael and Kevin have some fun with Lin, who plays along well. Hilarity ensues.

The video has blown up on YouTube -- nearly one million views in just three days. (If Kevin and Michael look familiar, they competed as a team on "The Amazing Race" in 2010.)

Throughout everything that has happend to him during the past year, Lin has done a spectacular job of engaging with fans. He's Skyped with followers, played basketball on the streets of Taiwan, and now this.

It's refreshing to see that Lin hasn't fallen out of touch with his fun-loving side, and he seems to be as genuine and classy as he was before becoming a global sensation.

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