A few weeks ago we introduced you to a 4-foot-5 streetball sensation named Mani Love. Despite his size, Love has an extremely impressive game. Don't just take it from us, Terrell Owens will tell you the same thing.

The 6-foot-3 former wide receiver, who was on the basketball team in college at Chattanooga and even played in the 1995 NCAA Tournament, recently battled Love in a game of one-on-one at a Los Angeles gym. You'll never believe who won.

That's right, Love pulled it out by a reported score of 15-14. Love's win is made all the more impressive by the fact that he barely took the ball anywhere near the hoop. He relied mostly on a killer jump shot to sink Owens.

"Good competition, nice handles," Owens said afterwards about Love. "He had me grasping for air a couple times."

Safe to say that when it comes to Love, the hype is real.

(H/T to TMZ)

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