While sports have always intersected with culture, it seems that these days the relationship is growing exponentially. For that we can thank social media, reality TV and a 24-hour news cycle, among other things.

And when we reflect on 2012, one of the most enduring sports/culture phenomenons will surely be the rise of the parody video.

In May, the Harvard baseball team posted a 198-second video that has garnered 16 million views. The Harvard baseball players would become pioneers, as sports figures across the world have followed their lead.

But "Call Me Maybe" is far from the only song to make its way into a parody. Other notable parody tunes include "Party in the USA" and "Don't Stop Me Now".

And thanks to a few recent videos, we may have a clue as to which is the next song to join this illustrious club.

Last week the Oregon Ducks cheerleaders released a parody to the Korean pop video "Gangnam Style." Also last week, the MLB put out its postseason teaser, and it was also to the tune of "Gangnam Style."

This weekend the Washington Nationals' mascots got in on the fun with a dance of their own:

So what in the world is "Gangnam Style?" The term very roughly translates to "swag." The song, sung by the rapper Psy, has its origins in the upscale Gangnam district in Seoul. It also has several unique dancing styles, most notably the "horse-riding dance," in which Psy emulates riding a horse.

But perhaps more than anything, the song is incredibly catchy. And let's face it, that's what really counts. Carly Rae Jepsen wasn't exactly a lyrical genius, but give the girl credit for creating a tune that you can't stop singing.

While we may not understand exactly what the song is about, or why it is so popular, this we know: get ready for more Gangnam.

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