British Paralympian David Wetherill's diving shot during his table tennis matchup against Germany's Thomasz Kusiak isn't just the best shot of the Paralympics. It may be one of the best ping pong shots you'll ever see.

Wetherill, who suffers from Multi Epiphyseal Dysplasia, is forced to play with a crutch in his left hand. A prolific tweeter, Wetherill jokes on his Twitter bio that he "Plays table tennis with his right crutch and tweets with his left."

Wetherill was down 2 games to 1 when he hit his amazing shot. Kusiak was serving and he had Wetherill on his heels seven shots into the point. The German hit a cross-court backhand that sent Wetherill diving.

Not only did Wetherill return the shot, Kusiak couldn't even touch Wetherill's ball.

Wetherill ultimately lost the game, but his shot has gone viral. Afterwards he tweeted the following:

He's gotten more than a few hits. In three days the video has a quarter of a million views.

(H/T to Yardbarker)

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