If you don't live in the Bay Area, you may not be familiar with the dance craze that is sweeping the region. It's called the "Bernie Lean," and it looks like this:

The "Bernie Lean" is a move, which is based on the song "Moving Like Berney" by the artist ISA. The dance has its origins in Terry Kiser's character from the 1993 movie "Weekend At Bernie's II," in which Kiser plays a dead man with a peculiar strut.

The duo ATM & IMD perfected and popularized the "Bernie Lean," and it has been adopted by athletes like Ray Rice as a means of celebration.

Oakland A's pitcher Joey Blevins introduced the song to center fielder Coco Crisp earlier this year, and the move has become a favorite of many team members. Brandon Inge even made it his walk-up music.

In the video below, Crisp along with several teammates join forces with ATM and IMD to showcase their skills.

This trend may be confusing, but at least it's not "Call Me Maybe."

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