If you were wondering who the man was in the background during Michelle Tafoya's post-game interview of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith on Sunday, you weren't alone. In fact, that man's presence appears to have overshadowed the entire interview itself.

After the 49ers' impressive victory over the Detroit Lions, Smith joined receiver Michael Crabtree and defensive end Justin Smith in an NBC interview with Tafoya.

About 20 seconds into the interview, a tall man in a grey hoodie appears behind Smith. He's not trying to be weird or pandering for attention, but the spectator still ends up looking quite creepy as he stares around and looks into the camera.

Amazingly, he stays on camera for about one minute and 45 seconds. He's visible throughout the entire interviews with Smith and Crabtree.

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SF Weekly did some serious digging and may have uncovered the identity of this man. He appears to be Niraj Vora, a student at U.C. Davis and an aspiring rapper.

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