Less than one week after collapsing at a WWE match in Montreal, Jerry "The King" Lawler released a short video from the hospital. In the clip, Lawler is shirtless with his chest covered in heart-monitoring electrodes.

Lawler was taken to a Montreal hospital last Monday night after suffering a heart attack during the match with Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. The Prime Time Players. The 62-year-old Hall of Fame wrestler is recovering from an angioplasty, which was performed last week.

The entire update is below:

"Hi, everybody. Jerry "The King" Lawler here, still in a Montreal hospital. I feel sort of like the Bionic Man, I've got more wires coming out of me than AT&T. But I want to thank the entire WWE universe for all your well wishes. Thank you all."

Lawler, who had competed in a match earlier in the night, is a four-decade veteran of the WWE. He is perhaps most famous for a scripted brawl with comedian Andy Kaufman on the David Letterman show.

(H/t to Black Sports Online)

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