Jeremy Lin has been touring Asia for the past month, and he is such a sensation in Taiwan, where his parents grew up, that he needs creative schemes to avoid media swarms staking out his hotel.

The frenzy of reporters and cameras greeting him in Taipei makes the Linsanity of the past NBA season look like coverage of a zoning board meeting.

The result is that Lin, his brother, his trainer and Warriors forward David Lee are practically prisoners in their rooms unless they're willing to withstand the media onslaught.

That's when a hilariously original use of a Hello Kitty costume enters the plot line. Check out the video below at the 1:16 mark for Lin's first appearance in his ridiculous disguise. So much for being subtle. But it's good enough to allow the group to slip into the Taipei night and find a pickup game.

Before that, though, Lin had to solve the physics problem of maneuvering himself into the back seat of the car without blowing his cover (1:53 mark).

As they head toward a popular local court, Lin says he hasn't played an outdoor pickup game since high school. But Lin and Lee don't have any issues competing on pavement and expectedly start dominating the action (3:19).

It doesn't take long for the crowd to build as cellphones take photos and video while also alerting others that the impossible is happening: Jeremy Lin is running on the Xinsheng Courts.

Good news for Rockets fans: The video shows Lin, who missed the final six weeks last season because of knee surgery, throwing down some dunks (4:16). Lin signed a three-year, $25 million deal with Houston in July.

Before leaving, Lin grabs a megaphone to thank the locals for letting him play on their court (4:34). "We really enjoyed it and hopefully basketball continues to grow in Taiwan," Lin says. "We love it here. See you guys soon."

On the way back to the hotel, Lin sums up the experience nicely in two words: "Pure basketball."

With an assist, of course, going to Hello Kitty.

Here's the mini-feature produced by Pete Radovich of CBS in advance of an upcoming "60 Minutes" segment on Lin:

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