In light of the frustration and anger over the NFL's replacement referees, we could all use some humor.

And who better to provide the jokes than the NOC, the guys who brought us the Steve Nash trailers, Iman Shumpert's iPhone dunking video and much much more.

The NOC's most recent music video is a parody of FloRida's hit song "Whistle." But instead of blowing the whistle, the replacement ref in the video says he just bought a whistle, and now he is ready to ref. Here's an excerpt of the hilarious clip:

Is it a fumble or a dropped pass?
Is it cool to pull a facemask?
It may take me a little longer
To get every call a little wronger

These guys could not have picked a better day to release their video, seeing as Monday night's Green Bay Packers-Seattle Seahawks game has the entire country up in arms. If the NFL isn't going to do anything about the poor officiating, at least we can get a good laugh out of it.

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