There's your typical, super-hyper 7-year-old, and then there's Ethan "Lionhart" Blevins. This youngster has channeled his energy into wrestling, and he is incredibly talented.

Videos of Blevins are making rounds on the Internet, and for good reason. He is a phenomenal wrestler and seems unusually motivated for a 7-year-old.

"If you want to beat me, you have to train as hard as me," Blevins says in a video. "And that's not going to happen."

And Blevins does have a soft side. At the 1:06 mark of the video he consoles a crying opponent after a takedown.

As cool as that video is, whoever put it together should consider another song. It's kind of weird to listen to a pop song while watching a 7-year-old tearing through other children.

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