Arkansas Razorbacks coach John L. Smith was thrust into a very difficult situation earlier this year when he took over for disgraced coach Bobby Petrino on short notice.

But despite all the pressure of leading a top-10 team, no one can say Smith isn't having some fun.

During Monday's press conference, Smith decided to prank call veteran reporter Nate Allen of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, who was running late.

"Hey, we're starting now," Smith says. "Where are you? Dollar waiting on a dime, sweetheart. Get here."

When Allen does arrive, Smith makes sure to embarrass him again. But Allen is ready. He says he thought the press conference would be running on "last Thursday's time," when the Razorbacks' practice ran an hour late. Even Smith can't think of a comeback to that.

As awkward as this interaction may seem, not many college football coaches have this good of a rapport with the media. Kudos to Smith for having some fun with the people who devote their lives to covering his program.

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