For all the ribbing they take, home plate umpires have a dangerous job. They have been known to be on the receiving end of errant bats and balls, and on certain unfortunate occasions -- like Wednesday's contest between the Los Angeles Angels and the Cleveland Indians -- they are the victims of plays at the plate.

During the bottom of the fifth inning in Anaheim, Los Angeles catcher Kendrys Morales knocked a pitch over Shin-Soo Choo's head in right field. Torii Hunter started the play at first base but ended up rounding third after Choo's errant throw.

Hunter arrived at the plate just seconds after the throw, and he slid headfirst in an attempt to avoid catcher Carlos Santana. Umpire Greg Gibson leaned in to get a good look at the play, and as Hunter slid his cleat swiped Gibson across the face.

It was an ugly scene to say the least.

Gibson received stitches for the cut and was taken to the hospital for precautionary X-rays.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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