Professional stuntman Arran Topham has been involved with some pretty cool projects. Topham's resume includes The Bourne Ultimatum, X-Men: First Class and the upcoming James Bond movie Skyfall. But even by these lofty standards, Topham must've gotten a good kick out of his latest project.

Topham stars in a short movie released this week called Icarus. In the film, which was shot off of the U.K.'s Dorset coast, Topham is using a water-powered jetpack to do some unbelievable stunts. The film's title is taken from the Greek myth about a boy named Icarus, who flies so close to the sun that his wings melt and he falls into the sea, where he drowns.

Topham didn't get that high on his jetpack, but he does get some big air. According to, Topham reached a height of about 26 feet and speeds of 11 mph in the air.

The jetpack, which is called a Flyboard, is produced purely for recreational use. And it definitely looks like Topham is having some fun in this video.

Icarus Rises on

The film's director, Thomas Giddings, said he was fascinated with the Flyboard as soon as he saw it.

"It has this otherworldly quality; it’s blowing the boundaries between flying and swimming," Giddings said. "And as soon as I saw it I wanted to capture it."

The Flyboard could be yours for a cool $6,600.

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