It seems like Tim Tebow is never far from the eye of the storm.

While the New York Jets quarterback continues to be a center of attention in the Big Apple, down in New Orleans a weatherman had to resort to Tebowing to stay upright in the face of Hurricane Isaac.

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore was reporting from the streets of New Orleans on Wednesday morning when the wind became so strong that he had to take a knee.

"I don't know what the heck this is coming through here right now," Cantore shouted. "This is some of the strongest wind we've had all morning... It is really hard to stand up right now."

Cantore proceeded to take a knee and cover his head to protect himself from the violent rain.

"The rain is just killing me," he said. "For whatever it's worth I hope I'm making Tebow proud."

Cantore's Tebow was different than others because it was practical and unintentional. But, hey, inadvertent Tebows are Tebows too.

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