Poor Novak Djokovic. The guy can't catch a break on the golf course.

And he's been getting embarrassed in front of Maria Sharapova, no less.

Djokovic has teamed up with Sharapova and the tennis company Head to do some experimenting on the golf course. The twosome are looking to find out which tennis quality is most useful on the golf course: power or instinct. And thus far, things are not going well for the Djoker.

First, he was the victim of a misplaced Maria Sharapova serve.

And now, in a recently released commercial, we see that Djokovic was the witness to an incredible shot by Sharapova. The pair were whacking approach shots with tennis racquets, hoping to get the tennis balls to land on the green. Sharapova was way off the mark on her first attempt. But she recouped and crushed her second shot. It takes place at the :54 mark of the video, and it's golden.

With a stroke like that, Sharapova should consider challenging Rory McIlroy to 18 holes of "Tolf" (Tennis/Golf).

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