Football players aren't the only athletes having difficulty getting on the same page as their league executives.

In a hilarious skit depicting a group of gladiators preparing to fight, the humor website gently pokes fun at various hot topics from the NFL's labor dispute.

"We had to pull our son out of gladiator summer camp," one gladiator laments. "As a parent it's scary to think that your son could be disembowed. I mean, you like to think to yourself, 'Not my kid.' But it happens."

The skit mocks the new 35-yard line kickoff rule, the addition of preseason games and the distrust amongst players of commissioner Roger Goodell.

"Fellow gladiators, these were merely surface level changes," one of the gladiators says of the new measures. "Emperor Goodell seeks to clear his name in the Roman press, nothing more."

Player safety is a serious concern in the NFL, and concussions should not be mocked. But seeing other issues presented in this way makes one realize just how silly some of these disputes are.

(H/T to Bro Bible)

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