After three years of wear and tear on his Lightning McQueen Power Wheels car, one young boy had literally worn through the tires.

Normally, this is the point where the car is thrown away. But not for one crafty dad.

Sean Burgess, co-owner of FFTec Motorsports and a vehicle whiz, decided to give the Lightning McQueen car an unbelievable upgrade. Burgess took out the plastic wheels and added rubber tires, an aluminum back half chassis and a disk brake, among other goodies.

The new car rides beautifully. It might not be a stretch to say Evan has the coolest ride of any 5-year old in the country.

Check it out:

This is probably not what Power Wheels intended when they created the Lightning McQueen model, but give Burgess credit for thinking outside the box. He gave a new meaning to the phrase "Power Wheel."

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