For whatever reason, fans at San Diego Padres games seem particularly prone to making spectacular (or spectacularly embarrassing) plays on foul balls.

Already this year we've seen two men catch foul balls despite wearing casts on their hands. And then there was this guy, who was nailed with a foul ball while checking in on Facebook.

At Monday's San Diego Padres-Chicago Cubs game, one man made his case for most impressive foul ball snag of the year at Petco Park. He was sitting along the third base line when Welington Castillo smacked a grounder in his direction. A slew of other fans (some even using mitts) could not corral the ball, meanwhile this guy grabbed the ball with his left hand while holding a baby in his right hand.


But was this guy's play the best by someone who happened to be holding an infant in the other hand? Decide for yourself.

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