The Oakland A's have had some pretty wacky and unusual celebrations this year.

But these post-game shenanigans may take the cake. Er, pie.

After a 15-inning thriller -- Coco Crisp won the game for Oakland with a sacrifice fly -- the fun was just beginning for the A's. The celebration started when not one but two Gatorade jugs were dumped on Crisp's head.

Then it was Spiderman's turn to get in on the fun. Right fielder Josh Reddick, who has claimed he is "part spider" after an amazing catch he made in Toronto, donned a costume and raced onto the field with two whipped cream pies. Crisp saw Reddick coming for him, but Crisp had nowhere to go.

It's pure mayhem:

The best part of this fiasco is the nickname that has emerged for Reddick. Without further ado, I present The Amazing "Pie-derman."

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