Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski didn't take a single snap during the New England Patriots' final preseason game this week, but the two superstars made sure to get in a few pre-game reps.

Brady and Gronkowski went one-on-one during warmups, with the stars alternating between cornerback and receiver. So who had the edge?

Brady beat Gronkowski a few times and made one good catch, but he was out of bounds. Gronk, on the other hand, could not haul in a pass over Brady. It looks like Gronk wanted an interference flag on that play, and it could have gone either way.

As the announcers point out, it's nice to see the pair having fun on the field. Gronk is known for his light-heartedness, but it's rare to see Brady goofing around.

It's too late now, but maybe one day we'll get to see either Brady or Gronk line up on defense. If Chad Ochocinco can kick an extra point, maybe Brady can try his hand at corner.

(H/T to Sports Grid)

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