Charles Barkley recently took the mic at a North Carolina bar and started singing the Boyz II Men classic "End of the Road." Luckily for everyone involved, he did not have to finish.

Barkley was in the Tar Heel State this week, helping raise money for the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic. And he decided it would be a good idea if he showed off his singing "talents."

Barkley began to sing "End of the Road," and all you need to know about his performance was summed up by one heckler: "you're [expletive] terrible!", the man shouted.

Luckily, two of the members of Boyz II Men, who were also in town for the charity event, came on stage to help Barkley finish the song.

And thank goodness for that. No one wanted to hear Barkley reach the end of the road.

As bad as he is at singing, Barkley can always take comfort in knowing this: he is much worse at golf.

(H/T to Yardbarker)

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