Yesterday we wrote about the World Pea Shooting Championships, which were held in England last weekend. Basically, more than 150 people created elaborate contraptions through which they shot peas at a target.

And get this, that might not have been the wackiest tournament taking place in the UK last weekend.

That distinction goes to the World Toe Wrestling Championships in Derbyshire. The objective of the sport is to pin the other person's feet for three seconds. Sounds simple enough, but not when you're going up against someone whose nickname is 'Nasty.'

The men's division is dominated by Alan 'Nasty' Nash, who claims he once broke four toes in a single fight. Nash took home another championship this weekend with a win in the final round over Paul Beech, also known as the Toeminator and Preditoe. Now those are nicknames.

I'd say this looks a little more intense than pea-shooting.

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