You always hate to see a bat go flying into the stands at a baseball game. The possibilities for injuries to spectators are endless. Luckily for Yankees slugger Mark Teixeira, when his bat flew astray on Saturday, it ended up in good hands.

Spike Lee, perhaps more well-known for his perpetual presence at New York Knicks games, was in the first row at Yankee Stadium for the Yankees matchup this weekend with the Los Angeles Angels. After Teixeira's bat flew over the Yankees dugout beyond the first base line, Lee was the first to grab it. Lee, who directed "He Got Game" and "Do The Right Thing" (among many, many others), even took a few practice cuts.

I'm not sure what the protocol is in that situation. Do you keep the bat or give it back? Lee chose to keep it, and if I were him, I'd do the same.

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