Someone in the Philadelphia Phillies organization must be doing something right, as the Phillies are having a stellar year in the field. Through 97 games, the squad is first in the National League with 2,620 putouts and fifth with a .985 fielding percentage.

And apparently, the good vibes have rubbed off on the team's left field ballgirl. In the seventh inning of Monday's contest between the Brewers and the Phillies, Carlos Gomez smacked a line drive down the left field line. The ball hooked foul, but Phillies ball girl Genevieve Haney managed to snipe the ball on the run with a backhanded grab.

After seeing this play, it should not surprise anyone that Haney was once a star softball player at Hofstra.

Apparently, fans cheered Haney louder than Chase Utley and Ryan Howard after their home runs. A well deserved round of applause.

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