We've seen several fans go to extreme measures recently to snag foul balls. At a Houston Astros game several weeks ago, one kid used his popcorn bucket to catch a ball. A few days ago a Blue Jays fan corralled a ball between his legs.

And thanks to an injured Padres fan, we've got another fantastic catch to add to this illustrious list.

In the top of the sixth inning at Monday's Padres-Astros game, Houston's Chris Johnson smacked a foul ball into the stands beyond the first base line. Despite having a cast on his right hand due to a broken thumb and a bread bowl in his left hand, one dedicated fan managed to use his glove as a basket to catch the ball.

"I was trying to eat some of the bread bowl when everybody yelled, so I looked up and the ball was coming," the fan said. "So I just caught it."

He's being modest. This catch required excellent reflexes and more than a little bit of skill:

Amazingly, this is the second time a Padres fan with a broken bone has caught a foul ball at a game this year. In May, a man with a broken arm caught a foul ball barehanded.

Gotta give these guys credit for being alert. Not all Padres fans have been so lucky.

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