Jerry Rice does not need to prove to anyone that he can dance. The former "Dancing With The Stars" runner-up clearly has moves.

This weekend, however, Rice reaffirmed his dancing dexterity at an after-party for the American Century Celebrity Golf Championships in Lake Tahoe. After Alfonso Ribeiro (perhaps better known as Carlton from "Fresh Prince of Bel Air") finished a rap set, Rice got on stage and proceeded to dance.

While you can't see it in this clip, Rice also breaks out the Dougie. The dance has become somewhat of a fad among athletes, with everyone from Drew Stanton to Jeremy Lin showing off their moves.

It's probably for the best that Ribeiro and Rice didn't share the stage. As good a dancer as Rice is, Ribeiro may have smoother moves. In fact, the two had a quasi dance-off last year at the same event, and it looks like Ribeiro took the crown.

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