Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, not exactly known for his excitability, sang what some considered to be a disappointing rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" this weekend at a Cubs-Diamondbacks game.

You can judge for yourself:

True, Cutler could have put some more heart into his singing, but it's important to put Cutler's performance in context. There have been some unbelievably awful performances at Wrigley, and Cutler's isn't anywhere near the bottom.

Jeff Gordon called the Cubs ballpark "Wrigley Stadium" in 2005 and was booed throughout his rendition.

If it's possible, Mr. T had less rhythm than Cutler did when he sang in 2009.

Like Mr. T, Eddie Vedder looks like he's having fun when he's singing. Unfortunately, Vedder was not much better than Mr. T.

And finally, last and certainly least, is Ozzy Osbourne. The former lead singer of Black Sabbath gave the worst performance of all time in 2003. So bad it's good.

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