It might be annoying and over-played, but at least Gotye's song "Somebody That I Used To Know" is good for one thing: this hilarious Jeremy Lin parody song.

Just hours after the Knicks made it clear that they would not match the Houston Rockets' offer for Lin, the entertainment group NOC posted a video entitled "Jeremy Lin That I Used to Know" with classic lyrics like these:

"Why'd you have to sign so high?
Said the Knicks would match it like you never even met James Dolan
I wish that he would pay you bro
Playing for the Rockets and they're still gonna suck
You should have played with Carmelo
Could've won a title and then maybe we'd retire your number
I guess that you just need that dough
And now you're just Jeremy that I used to know"

Bitter much? Probably. But maybe it will help Knicks fans come to terms with the bitter truth: Jeremy Lin has left the building.

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