If you're moderately talented on a pair of water skiis, but still a little wary of wakeboarding, one Russian surfer has provided the ultimate gateway. You don't have shell out the cash for wakeboard lessons and rentals, just slap a few surf stickers to that old door in your garage and have at it.

Leave it to the Russians. After all, we can thank a St. Petersberg man for the radiator, Elena Molokhovets for Beef Stroganoff and Aleksandr Loran for one of the first fire extinguishers. Your trainer wouldn't be torturing you with kettlebells if it weren't for the Russians. Now, we can thank this radical dude for inventing the sport of door surfing, which could be coming to the Summer Olympics in no time.

Not only is it amazing that he can stay upright in the first place, but he manages to surf the wake after letting go of the handle.

"Look Mom, no hands!" Or as they say in Russia (according to Google Translate), "Посмотри, мама, не руками!"

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