These days, sports and culture are mixing more than ever before. Players like Tim Tebow and LeBron James have transcended their respective sports and become cultural icons.

As some of you may have noticed, a catchy song has transcended pop culture and is becoming a sports phenomenon. Yes, I'm talking about "Call Me Maybe."

The most recent example of the catchy song's influence on the sporting world was a parody video shot by a group of British cheerleaders.

This followed a parody video shot by the mascots of the Big Ten.

And the Harvard baseball team.

And the SMU rowing team.

And shockingly, even more cheerleaders.

But somehow that's not all. The song is also being used this summer as walk-up music by baseball players 'as a joke' and to break a slump.

What's the deal? This is a simple song about love at first sight...not exactly earth-shattering material. But it is incredibly catchy. So while it may be annoying and perhaps overplayed, one thing is for sure: it's here to stay.

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