Catching a home run ball is a rare thrill for any baseball fan, a moment that will live on forever in that person's memory. But how do you make your home run catch memorable with everyone else in attendance and watching on TV? Do a dance, of course. And not just any dance, mind you, but the worm, arguably the greatest of the celebration dances.

One such Ranger fan did just that following a Nelson Cruz big fly against the Rockies. And it was as awesome as you would expect.

Why the TV director opted to cut away to Nelson Cruz on the first take is beyond us. That broadcast should have stayed on the camera that had the worm in its sight. The only thing that would be better than one fan dancing after catching a home run, is if a group of them flash-mobbed that grassy patch in Arlington after a big home run. Can you imagine 30 people doing the worm out there? It would be mesmerizing. Opponents would be transfixed.

So there you go, Rangers fans. Free advice from us: from now on, everyone dances in center field at the Ballpark in Arlington.

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