College beer pong players everywhere take notice: A 9-year-old named Tom Spicer from Australia is training to destroy you all. By the time he's ready for college, he'll be the Michael Jordan of draining Solo cups, leaving a wake of fallen opponents on his march to the top of the pong world.

We like the incorporation of moving targets in this bunch, as well as bouncing the ball off of three or more objects. It shows a true commitment to the craft, adding some strategy to a gifted arm.

What a masterful maestro. In the comments, Tom's dad, Neil, said Tom's fascination with trick shots falls in line with his love of doing things "outside the norm."

Haters will wonder how many takes it took for each shot, but Neil (YouTube user "djnee") was honest, and shot down suggestions that it was a waste of time.

"Oh, we filmed HEAPS of 'failshots'!!! I guess that most shots were 10 or 15 minutes to nail!" he said in the comments. "As for a waste of time, i can only presume that you haven't yet got kids of your own? Tom wanted me to "waste" a few hours with him, filming many, MANY attempts to get a little plastic ball into a cup, so that's what we did. You can spoil your kids rotten with useless electronic devices ETC.. OR you can just donate some quality time free of charge!"

We're already anxious to see what's in store for the next video.

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