He's the best dunker you've never heard of. Justin Darlington, A.K.A. "Jus Fly," is a Canadian baller with crazy hops. Last Friday he recorded a perfect score at the Nike+ Slam Dunk Contest in L.A. with an insane dunk.

Darlington starts around the three-point line with the ball in the middle of the paint. He runs toward the ball, stops at the free-throw line to do a cartwheel, and on his way up he picks up the ball. As if that's not enough, he throws the ball between his legs before stuffing it. His vertical is 42.3 inches, which is roughly the height of an average five-year-old child. Blake Griffin, meanwhile, is comparatively weak with his still world class 37-inch vertical.

Enough description. See the dunk below:

Not bad for someone whose main sport is track and field. Darlington, if you couldn't have guessed, is a world class high jumper.

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