Dewayne Wise has wheels. The dude can flat out play defense. On Tuesday, however, Wise couldn't quite make the play on a foul ball in the top of the seventh. No matter, as Wise's excellent acting skills scored him the out.

With the Yankees leading the Indians, 4-0, and Phil Hughes on the bump, Cleveland third baseman Jack Hannahan fouled a pitch down the left field line. Wise sprinted for the ball and ended up falling into the stands beyond the foul line. At first it appeared Wise came down with the ball. Umpire Mike DiMuro called Hannahan out, and the inning was over. But upon further review, Wise clearly dropped the ball as he fell over the railing.

See for yourself:

One inning after the play, Hannahan was ejected for arguing the call.

After the game, DiMuro conceded that he made the wrong call and admitted that he should have asked Wise to show him the ball. Meanwhile, Wise was less conciliatory:

"I'm not going to argue with [DiMuro]," Wise said, according to Bombers Beat. "It was a tough angle for him. Stuff like that happens. They're not perfect. He said, 'Out,' right away, so what was I supposed to do? Run back to left field? I ran off the field."

Dewayne Wise: Speedy outfielder, New York Yankee and, apparently, talented actor. Somewhere, Manu Ginobili is smiling.

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