With the Olympics only a few weeks away, it appears Aroldis Chapman is putting the final touches on his floor routine.

After striking out Martin Maldonado with the high heat to end Tuesday's game against the Brewers, the 24-year-old flamethrower celebrated by completing two somersaults on his way to the plate.

Check it out:

Chapman has been struggling lately, and people are beginning to wonder whether manager Dusty Baker should take Chapman out of the bullpen and insert him in the starting lineup. On Tuesday, Chapman made his case for the closer role, striking out all three Brewers he faced.

It's hard to tell what's next for Chapman. Not only is there speculation that Chapman might be dealing with lower back pain, he is also in the middle of a messy police matter involving an exotic dancer, $200,000 in jewelry and Pittsburgh.

On the field, Chapman has proven himself one of the most dangerous pitchers in the league. However, recently he has appeared "human."

One-and-a-half years into the Aroldis Chapman experiment, fans have finally come to know what to expect from him: The unexpected.

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