A fight broke out in a rugby match between clubs New South Whales and Queensland, or as diehards of the sport call it, "a normal Wednesday."

Not that this sort of thing doesn't happen in American sports. It's frowned upon, but it still happens. The difference is the fact that it's Australia and it's rugby, and combined, it perhaps creates maybe the toughest sport on the planet. Does this fracas look like one you'd want to be a part of? If so, bravo, you are braver than the rest of us.

The best part about the whole sequence is that Michael Jennings comes running out of nowhere and lands a Superman punch, and then his teammate is incredulous with the dismissal. The fact that you could even make any argument in the defense of a player who just punched another man square in the back of the head says a lot about the level of abuse that is acceptable in such a physically brutal sport.

It is also tremendous that the name of the penalty box is the "sin bin." Every sport needs a sin bin. Metta World Peace throws an elbow, and we can already hear Marv Albert's giddy anticipation when the referee sends him to the box. "Yesssssss! Peace to the sin bin!" Cole Hamels plunks Matt Kemp, and you'd get to hear Vin Scully's dulcet tones announce a trip to the sin bin. The possibilities are endless.

Anyway...what a fight, huh? And since you're probably wondering, Queensland won 18-10 in the state-of-origin match.

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