Look, math is hard, and it's not outside the realm of understanding that in the texting age, one might accidentally pass off an everyday terms as a technical term that becomes one long piece of jargon, rather than the separate words that define said jargon.

I guess what we're trying to say is that we want to defend Chelsea -- the very nice and very lovely woman trying to figure out how long it will take her and her husband to go 80 miles if they're traveling at 80 miles per hour -- but we really don't have a great defense. We appreciate her attempt to use her jogging mile times as an example to better relate the speed of the car, though. Seven-minute miles are nothing to sneeze at.

It's almost too surreal to believe. "Surely," one thinks as he or she watches the video, "this can't possibly be real." We hope, for the sake of saving Chelsea embarrassment, that it is not, and that she is a tremendous actor that has the entire world fooled. Props to her if that's the case. Though, we fear (and therefore love?) that it's not.

Either way, keep running those seven-minute miles, Chelsea. Give all the haters a salute as you leave them in your dust.

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