In a few short weeks, you'll probably be chowing down on a bowl of chips and dip to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone has their favorite recipes for guacamole, bean dip and salsa, but what about the chips? Have you ever stopped to wonder how those chips, say Doritos, are made?

John Ramsey, Jack Dreesen and David Ward of Austin, Texas, stepped up to the salty, crunchy plate to answer that very question.

Check out their entry into the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest:

The idea sprang from Ramsey's vision of a local access craft show, with a Bob Ross type showing you how to make Doritos. But after writing the first draft, they felt the ending was "a little soft."

"After thinking about it, we came up with the 'making gold ending,'" says Dreesen. "That being a logical conclusion to what would happen when you're doing alchemy."

The video has more than one million views on YouTube -- but it wasn't the perfect recipe for the Doritos judges, who (inexplicably) didn't pick this particular "Make Your Own" for the finals.

"It's similar to not winning the lottery. You kind of expect it," says Ramsey. "Obviously, the unexpected online popularity helped ease the blow, though."

For Ward, not making it into the finals felt a bit like being a Cowboys or Eagles fan this season.

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"This was our third straight year entering, so I took it much better than I did the last few years," he says. "But it was something that I knew over the holidays and just chose not to talk about. It's still disappointing to know that we must have been close to making the finals and not actually making it."

As for the real playoffs, Houston native Ramsey is just happy the Cowboys didn't make it. Ward is supporting the Packers. But Dreesen, who has a rivalry with his cheesehead roommate, won't shed a single unicorn tear if the Giants win next week.

-- You can watch the five final entries, and vote for your favorite, here.

You can follow Karie Meltzer, who doesn't support making a unicorn cry for the sake of Doritos, @Karianna913.

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