Every great master of martial arts starts to hone his or her craft from a very young age. The instincts and fast twitches are programmed into their muscle memory and mind before they can even execute the demands of the art, as displayed in this video. Also displayed in this video: how silly that looks when it starts as a toddler.

These two future ninjas dance around more than Sugar Ray Leonard. And the mom filming is no help whatsoever. She's far too amused by the spectacle to even mind that it doesn't come close to resembling the skills the toddlers were taught. Really, who could blame her?

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If the next belt level is awarded for hopping, it's a lock that this duo will graduate at the top of the class. It doesn't appear that any blows actually landed, so perhaps the only way to determine a winner is by the number of attempts to land said blows? They're both winners in our book, mostly because that's the most entertaining inaction we've ever witnessed. Now that, is a true art form.

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