Auto racing of any kind is quite often criticized for the monotony of the oval, the length of the race and the sheer repetitiveness of it all. But you can't say it doesn't build suspense, often tumbling toward a crucial moment that will be decided in a nanosecond, but took an hour to develop.

The cars screech, rattle, rumble and hum into corners, and every now and then – each other. But it's the finite window at deadly speeds that truly makes the spectator gasp in both terror and excitement, and it's even more dramatic from a POV camera on the car (Mazda MX5 in this case). Enter the clip below. For about 35 seconds, it's pure racing footage. Impressive, arresting, but not terribly captivating. And then out of nowhere, insanity.

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You thought it was impressive that one time you were at the go kart track and squeezed between your buddy and a railing at world-blurring 25 mph. But you're also not borderline insane enough to think you've got what it takes to squeeze between two cars in a Lamborghini. There's nothing wrong with that. Self preservation is a fine quality to hold on to, even if it won't earn you YouTube fame.

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