Modern technology affords us many luxuries. In every line of work, efficiency and productivity are given a boost by the gadgets and gizmos that revolutionize the way we function. But sometimes, these luxuries can be abused, pushed to their limit, and then they turn ugly.

That was the case for Cricket cameraman Joe Previtera, who took a tumble off his Segway during the Australia-India test match on Dec. 27 in Melbourne. And all it took to bring him crashing down was a bowler's helmet.

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Many laughs have obviously been had at Previtera's expense, but he seems to be handling it well, even chalking up the incident to perhaps a bit of overconfidence.

According to, Previtera told Australian batting legend Michael Slater, "I had said no way will I ever crash this thing. Never ever will you see me crash it.

"Maybe I just got a little bit cocky."

And then maybe commentator Ian Healy poked even more fun at Previtera's expense.

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