Angelo Sharpless has played for the Harlem Globetrotters, and you can see why, based on the video of the crazy dunk he threw down in a recent ACC Barnstorming game in North Carolina. Running a fast break, Sharpless bounces the ball over the head of a defender, then catches it himself for a two-handed self alley-oop. The video quality isn't the greatest, but you can still appreciate how ridiculous this move is.

The annual Paris-Roubaix bicycle race is an institution in France, but it featured an odd new twist this year as a train interrupted the action.

Some of the cyclists weren't able to cross the tracks before a train came by. A few riders proceeded through the crossing even though the safety arms had already been lowered into place.

The Associated Press reports that France's national rail company SNCF has filed a lawsuit, although it does not name a defendant, "leaving it up to investigators to determine how the incident happened and who was responsible."

Race rules prohibit cyclists from crossing train tracks while the safety barriers have been activated. The AP also reports that there were no disqualifications made, but the International Cycling Union could hand out sanctions after reviewing the incident.

Oregon runner Tanguy Pepiot may have lost a race, but he did win himself a spot on future lists of embarrassing premature celebrations.

A senior from France, Pepiot was leading the steeplechase at the The Pepsi Team Invitational this past weekend with just a few strides left. He motioned to the crowd to get louder, and before he knew it he was being passed. Washington's Meron Simon rocketed past Pepiot to take the crown.

Here's what Simon tweeted to a fan afterwards:

Simon won by a tenth of a second.

We live in a world where recruiting college athletes is a constant process. For better or for worse, coaches are calling, texting and emailing their recruits nonstop. This means coaches get to know their recruits very well.

Steve Addazio and the Boston College football staff obviously know Seth Dawkins well. Dawkins tweeted out a picture Thursday of a note from the Eagles written in the style of Drake's "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" mixtape:

Here's Drake's tweet from Feb. 12 for reference:

According to 247 Sports, Dawkins is a three-star receiver at Franklin Heights High School in Columbus, Ohio. The experts at 247 Sports have Dawkins near a commitment to Louisville, one of Boston College's ACC rivals.

The Eagles apparently are not giving up, though. They may be starting from the bottom, but they will be up all night until Dawkins is here (at Boston College) winning trophies, making headlines, going up on Tuesdays until nothing is the same ... you get the point. You can thank me later.

Martin Montoya has only one goal in 43 career appearances for FC Barcelona. The 23-year-old plays right back and does not get many opportunities to shoot near the net.

But the dude can shoot from the outside. At a training session Thursday, the Spanish national turned heads with a soccer ball and a basketball hoop.

Well, that is one way to practice accuracy on free kicks. FC Barcelona's basketball club has produced such NBA stars as Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio and Anderson Varejao. If Montoya can do that with his hands, he has a two-sport career ahead of him.

How does this compare to other trick shots? Does it beat Odell Beckham, Jr.'s latest trick from the top of Sun Devil Stadium?

Technology has brought a lot of change to professional sports in recent years. In the NBA alone, advanced tech tools have brought a new layer of analysis to the basketball court, offering valuable insights on how the game is played. If you believe what Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive is saying, some of those tech transformations will soon be coming to the fan experience, too. Ranadive, who spoke at the IMG World Congress of Sports presented by SportsBusiness Journal/Daily in Los Angeles, has a vision for futuristic sports arenas that will fundamentally change how fans enjoy live sporting events.

With the MLB season in full swing, Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are once again about to enter into a long distance relationship.

After spending lots of time together over the offseason, the supermodel and the 2011 AL MVP may see each other only sporadically over the next seven months.

But before they split up, the couple filmed a hilarious Instagram video in which they perfectly recreated one of the funnier scenes from the Will Ferrell comedy "Step Brothers."

Upton plays the role of Pam, who is interviewing Will Ferrell's character, played by Verlander. The two are spot on with their timing:

When yo man can't get yo name right @justinverlander

A video posted by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

For reference, here's the actual scene:

Of course, this isn't the first time Verlander and Upton have appeared on screen together. They met while filming this commercial for MLB 2K12:

Verlander has been held back in recent weeks by a triceps strain but the Tigers are hopeful that he'll be able to start Sunday's game against the Cleveland Indians.

People in Los Angeles have probably noticed a steady increase in sightings of Los Angeles Clippers paraphernalia -- and this in a town long-dominated by the L.A. Lakers. One can safely assume that some Lakers supporters have flipped their allegiance to greener pastures -- but is that a bad thing? And what about fans following LeBron wherever he goes? In this episode of The Blade, the case of the bandwagon fan gets a close examination.

You hear the term fireballer all the time -- too much, actually -- in baseball, but a team in South Korea deserves credit for taking this to the literal sense. The KT Wiz opened its season with a first pitch that was really a fireball. Launched on a wire from the centerfield scoreboard, the ball had flames coming off it just like in the cartoons. Another nice touch was having the mascot stand in the batter's box to wait for the oncoming heat.

KT, one of South Korea's top mobile phone companies, has put an emphasis on making technology accessible for fans at the stadium. Korea JoongAng Daily reports that "210 Internet access point devices are installed, which will allow 20,000 people to watch high-quality videos at the same time. They can also receive various information about players and the game in real time through their smart devices."

The only thing better than this 84-year-old grandmother's putt to win $16,000 is her adorable reaction after sinking the ball.

Margaret, a competitor on a recent episode of "The Price Is Right," was given two chances to sink a short putt that would earn her a new car. She misses the first but, as you'll see, is right on the money with her second try.

Even for a show that's had some awesome fan reactions, this one is truly heartwarming.

Of course, it should be noted that Margaret's putting stance is technically illegal. It became outlawed after Sam Snead used it in 1967.

“Not too many people can bend over quite as well as I can, but I think it is good for old golfers," Snead told Sports Illustrated at the time. "They don't have to coordinate two hands, only one."

Upon seeing Margaret's stance, the PGA had some fun with the comparison:

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