Justin Tucker can do no wrong.

After the 24-year-old's record-breaking performance Dec. 16 against the Detroit Lions, in which he hit six field goals, Tucker is securely in the good graces of Baltimore fans.

So even when he "breaks into" Pimlico to pull off some trick shots, it's still hard to be mad at him.

As a promotion for the upcoming Preakness, the Pro Bowl kicker "snuck past security" and performed some neat stunts on the track's hallowed grounds. He knocks down a pile of cups on the first try, destroys a beer pyramid and even makes off with a sign.

Tucker played soccer growing up, and you can see him using some of those skills in these tricks:

Tucker, who went undrafted in 2012, is entering his third year in the NFL as a Super Bowl champion and a Pro Bowler. He also holds franchise records for longest field goal (61 yards) and most points scored in a single season (140).

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As if traditional MMA wasn't brutal enough, a new league is adding a team component to the sport.

A group called Team Fighting Championship (TFC) has uploaded a video to its YouTube account of a five-on-five matchup between LPH of Poland and the Wisemen of Sweden. The bout starts with five individual fights but turns wild after the first man is knocked out.

There's some strategy to choosing the starting five, as there was a roughly 1,100-pound limit for the five fighters. And while each man may start off against someone who is roughly his own size, the format quickly changes to an all-out brawl.

Take a look:

The idea seems crazy and wildly dangerous, but if the video's popularity is any indication, this new style could catch on. In less than a week on YouTube the video already has nearly 1 million views.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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Bowing to your opponent is an important aspect of judo, as it is the traditional gesture of respect, and clearly these two little girls understand that even in their first competition.

This match took place last week at Club Jushirokan in Madrid, Spain, and the video below has gone viral because it is off-the-charts cute and not just because of the bowing. It doesn't hurt that one tyke is so enthusiastic about bowing, she knocks herself down at one point.

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She's an Olympic gold medalist, the most famous skier in America and Tiger Woods' girlfriend, but none of that got Lindsey Vonn noticed during a recent undercover stint at a Vail ski resort.

Vonn masqueraded as an employee-in-training selling tickets, and all it took for her to go unrecognized was a hat and a pair of glasses. Even people who knew who Lindsey Vonn was didn't recognize her.

Of course, when one guy did recognize her she thought it was a little creepy.

After winning the gold medal in downhill skiing at the Vancouver Olympics, Vonn missed the Sochi games as she recovered from a torn right ACL.

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Most collegiate gymnasts would be lucky to receive one perfect 10 in their careers. LSU's Lloimincia Hall has done it five times.

The 4-foot-11 junior's hip-hop inspired floor routine is beloved by fans and judges alike, and it has made her somewhat of a viral sensation. Her performance over the weekend, in which she earned a perfect 10 in the floor exercise, helped the Tigers advance to the NCAA championships.

Here's one of Hall's perfect routines from a meet earlier this season against Alabama. The video has gotten tens of thousands of views in the past few days.

Only six gymnasts in LSU history have earned two or more perfect 10s, and Hall has now done it five times.

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Legendary soccer announcer Ian Darke is set to call the 2014 World Cup for ESPN this summer, and there's no better way for him to prepare than by doing play-by-play for an awkward first date.

Well, that might not be exactly true, seeing as Darke has years of experience covering some of the world's top competition. But thanks to a recent commercial Darke did for ESPN, we no longer have to wonder what it would sound like for him to commentate on a first date.

The setting is a restaurant where two singles are meeting for the first time, but the way Darke sells it, it might as well be the World Cup final. Throughout the date Darke's analysis is spot on, and he delivers some great lines as this klutz tries to impress his date.

Despite several setbacks, this guy somehow manages to pull even with some crafty late-game moves.

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New Zealand's national rugby team, the All Blacks, has just given new meaning to the term Rain Dance.

The All Blacks won the Hong Kong Sevens tournament by beating England 26-7. Then the players took off their shirts for their traditional Haka dance to celebrate, despite torrential rain. The sights were stunning.

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Not only did Andrew Cowen bowl a 280, a feat that included 10 consecutive strikes, he did it all while bowling backwards.

Cowen submitted a video to RecordSetter.com of him putting in an unforgettable performance at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford, Ill. Using an unusual delivery, which starts with him holding the ball high above his head, twisting it behind his back and tossing it onto the lane, Cowen nearly tallied a perfect score.

Even Cowen's imperfections resulted in some amazing moments. For his second-frame spare, Cowen somehow managed to knock down the final pin without looking.

If his mark stands, Cowen should top the previous world record holder, James Cripps, who registered a 278 in December 2006.

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Seasoned television veterans struggle to get San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich to open up during interviews.

Popovich normally sticks to fewer than 20 words, and has even gotten off with just two.

So it is all the more impressive that in his first sideline interview with the stoic Spurs coach, Jalen Rose not only managed to get a good answer out of Popovich, he also drew a laugh from him.

When the former NBA star-turned-ESPN broadcaster asked about Popovich's pupil, Avery Johnson, having his No. 6 retired in San Antonio, Popovich couldn't help but smile.

Bill Simmons just about sums it up with his reaction. What Rose accomplished was nothing short of stunning.

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Just in time for March Madness, trick-shot ace Brodie Smith hit Butler's historic Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis for his latest video caper. Smith is a master of Frisbee tosses and basketball shots, and this segment has plenty of both.

Smith's following got a huge surge in late 2011 when he pulled off a stunning Frisbee trick involving a speedboat in Australia, and he also taken his act to China.

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