The folks at in Malaysia have struck gold again with a prank involving a professional masquerading as a novice.

In March, the premise was a pro race car driver posing as a teen girl in need of driving lessons, and the victims were instructors on their first day of work at the school. After faking it by struggling with some basics, the driver cranks up the speed and starts doing stunts that leave the instructors terrified.

This time the producers got Germaine Yeap, a 30-year-old local Muay Thai champion, to pose as a nerdy young woman with seemingly no clue how to fight. She asks a trainer at the Muay Thai gym if he can help her learn to spar. He is reluctant at the first, saying, "I just don’t want to hurt you," but then agrees.

Yeap plays the pushover in the ring with two instructors who take turns working out with her. Then after the successful set-up, she unleashes her actual skills, and the trainers are suddenly in trouble, covering up the best they can.

In the two previous seasons of the Legends Football League, Ashley Salerno became a YouTube sensation for delivering big-time hits as a safety for the Los Angeles Temptation. This season Salerno put those high-impact skills to use as a quarterback.

Check out Salerno, who is listed at 5-7 and 145 pounds, scoring a touchdown with this wrecking-ball move at the goal line on Las Vegas defender Michelle Minks.

Minks is also listed at 5-7 but 18 pounds lighter.

Here's the hit from last season in which Salerno dropped Seattle Mist running back Stevi Schnoor, who was listed as 20 pounds heavier than her:

In 2013, the LFL, which rebranded itself after years of being known as the Lingerie Football League, hyped this play in which Salerno defends a pass intended for Chicago's Ali Alberts as the "greatest hit in the history of football."

The best part about this dunk video from Jordan Kilganon is that it's tough to determine which is actually the best part of his move. Kilganon, who is 6-1, bills himself as a professional dunker, and his latest clip provides strong proof.

Kilganon's dunk includes:
-- A 360 spin.
-- A self alley-oop.
-- Slamming with the same hand with which he threw himself the alley-oop.

This move, which Kilganon calls the "Lost And Found," is sick:

An activity that might lead to a detention in school is now also a global competition. Behold the Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals, the highest level of making and tossing paper airplanes.

There are events for hang time, distance and aerobatics. Established in 2006, the competition is held every three years with Salzburg, Austria, hosting the 2015 edition. According to Red Bull, nearly 200 competitors from 80 nations attended. Here's a look at the festivities:

With his Milwaukee Bucks eliminated from the playoffs and his second NBA season finished, Giannis Antetokounmpo is back where it all began.

The freakishly athletic 20-year-old has returned to Greece, and specifically the basketball court where he learned to love the game. Earlier this week he posted a note to Twitter essentially saying that he and his brother, New York Knicks prospect Thanasis Antetokounmpo, would be playing a pickup game at the courts in the Sepolia neighborhood of Athens.

A huge crowd showed up to watch the Antetokounmpos embarrass a handful of brave challengers.

Antetokounmpo put on a display that included the type of smooth handles and rim-rocking dunks that have led to him earning the nickname "The Greek Freak." Thanasis, who is two years older than Giannis and plays for the Knicks' D-League team, didn't look too bad either.

After being named to the NBA's All-Rookie second team, Giannis took another step forward in 2014-15. He played in 81 games and averaged 12.7 points and 6.7 rebounds. He took and made fewer three-pointers -- he hit 34.7 percent his rookie season and only 16 precent in 2015 -- but he says he'll be working on his shot during the offseason.

"Next season I'll add the three-pointer," Antetokounmpo told "I don’t have to start shooting a lot of three-pointers. From now on, when I’m free I'll execute. When I decide to add an element to my game and I set that as a goal, I’ll manage it, without a doubt."

Antetokounmpo has enjoyed life in the United States and has quickly become a fan favorite. After growing up in poverty he now has enough money to live comfortably, and he's got the car to match his roughly $1.9 million salary.

We out @thanasis_ante43

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Two high school basketball stars have electrified Twitter and inspired their future fan bases with creative and sensationally athletic dunks.

Donovan Mitchell, who has committed to Louisville, and Derrick Jones, who has committed to UNLV, are both four-star recruits (according to who have made waves the past few days with these impressive slams.

Mitchell is a 6-foot-2 guard from New York and the star of a nine-second clip in which he makes a three-point shot and, before the ball touches the ground, brings it back for a windmill slam.

The video has earned Mitchell lots of publicity and even some imitators:

Jones, who is from outside Philadelphia, put on an equally impressive display of skill. In his dunk, the 6-foot-6 swingman took off from the foul line and threw down a windmill dunk:

This isn't Jones' first highlight reel moment, and he's been labeled the best high school dunker in the country. Here's another one of his impressive dunks:

A dad stole the show on Mother's Day at the Phillies game.

Mike Capko made a dazzling one-handed snag of a foul ball Sunday while he had his 7-month-old son, Kolton, strapped to his chest.

Capko, 30, said it was already a memorable occasion because it was the first Mother's Day as a mom for his wife, Alyssa, and the first game at Citizens Bank Park for Kolton.

Now they have video that Kolton undoubtedly will be bringing to pre-school show-and-tell in just a few short years. In the meantime, dad can bask in the glory.

The only blip on the day for the Capko family was a 7-4 win for the Mets against the Phillies.

By Joe Kinsey

The South Koreans seem to be a step or two ahead of baseball in the United States. There was the thunderstick craze that originated in South Korea. There was the fireball first pitch a few weeks ago that was shot out of the scoreboard. Now we have between-innings, beer-chugging-through-a-straw contests.

If it works in South Korea, let’s bring it to a Phillies game.

Ladies beer-chugging-through-a-straw-contest at the Doosan/LG game. Winner wins beer. Haha #CassBeer #Cass #Seoul #Korea

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In the span of just a few hours, Michael Jordan watched one fight and broke up another one.

His Airness was in Las Vegas over the weekend to watch Floyd Mayweather battle Manny Pacquiao. As he and his wife, Yvette, left the MGM Grand after Mayweather's victory, they walked past a man who appeared very upset with a security guard of some sort.

Rather than just walk past the angered man, Jordan took the time to say something to him. Here's the video:

Jordan could have used some of that composure during his playing days, as he was known to throw haymakers at practice.

The 52-year-old took a beating himself during the fight from social media users who were criticizing his outfit. Jordan has never been known as a fashionista, but apparently his choice of clothing Saturday did not impress:

Marty Bowen, known for producing hit movies such as "Twilight" and "The Fault in Our Stars," tackles a topic closer to home in his latest project.

"The Roughnecks" is a documentary about a football team of 11-year-old called the Ridglea Roughnecks in Bowen's hometown of Fort Worth. When Bowen was growing up, he played for the Roughnecks, which makes this film partcularly meaningful to him.

The film, with Bowen as co-producer and co-director along with Richard Cameron White, follows the Roughnecks on and off the field for a season. The team is determined to win the pee-wee Super Bowl, and the process is challenging. The story lines will focus on the struggles for the team as well as individual players.

After a premiere at the Lone Star Film Festival in 2014, "The Roughnecks" comes to VOD and iTunes on May 12.

Here is a clip:

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