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The gaggle of goofs from Dude Perfect are back with another trick shot video. This time they are on the ice dressed up in those ugly Dallas Stars uniforms ... and they have a couple of guests.

NHL superstars Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin, from the Stars, join the guys to pull off a ton of hockey-related trick shots.

I liked the "Can you score with this?" segment where Benn and Seguin try to score shootout goals using random items. This is surprisingly more difficult than you would think. I've done something similar in the past and you are used to the weight and handleabilty (I'm pretty sure I just made that word up) of a standard hockey puck. Rubber ducks and mini-pumpkins both provide their own unique challenges.

When diners at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Cincinnati saw Andy Dalton appear on TVs throughout the restaurant, the Bengals quarterback was about to speak at a press conference. But the fans didn't realize that Dalton and his friends at Pepsi were getting ready to prank them.

Dalton's "press conference" was really part of a commercial being filmed at the Buffalo Wild Wings.

"It was cool to surprise people," Dalton said. "You could see how excited everybody was."

The commercial begins with Dalton answering questions while seated behind a microphone. But Dalton then asks a female patron to not text while he is answering the question. The shocked diners continue to watch as Dalton talks to two other people in the restaurant. Dalton even asks for a sip of one patron's Pepsi. Here's how it unfolded:

The fans probably didn't mind being clowned because not only did they get to meet Dalton, but he also passed out tickets to the Bengals’ first preseason home game against the New York Jets. The Bengals lost to the Jets, 25-17, and won just one of their four exhibition games. At the time, Dalton said, "I feel really confident in what we are going to do this year."

The Bengals have lived up to that assertion from Dalton by starting 4-1 in the regular season to lead their division.

The boom is still echoing.

In 2005, Ball State freshman Brian Collins became an Internet legend for his Boom Goes The Dynamite sportscast, and the phrase has been repeated on "Scandal," "Family Guy," "Gossip Girl" and "King of the Hill." Jon Stewart has used it on the air, and Will Smith even trotted out the line after stumbling on his words at The Oscars.

Now the TBS MLB studio team has taken it even further by having Ron Darling, Gary Sheffield, Cal Ripken Jr., and Pedro Martinez re-create Collins' sportscast. Martinez gets to deliver the payoff line:

Compare to the original:

Here is Smith saying it at the Academy Awards in 2009:

In 2011, Collins was featured in the "Web Redemption" segment of the Com­e­dy Central show "Tosh.0" and said the origin of the phrase was from video game battles with his college buddies:

Following their dominant win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Washington Redskins couldn't help but dance.

While ESPN NFL Nation reporter John Keim reported on the condition of injured quarterback Robert Griffin III, who has no fracture in his dislocated left ankle, DeAngelo Hall, Brian Orakpo and Stephen Bowen can be seen showing off their moves in the background of the shot:

Receiver DeSean Jackson caught it all on tape:

Receiver Pierre Garcon has some more behind-the-scenes footage, showing the trio of Redskins hurrying outside to get in on Keim's shot.

Upon finding out that he had been videobombed, Keim took it in good spirits:

"Turns out I was just a prop for a team that finally has reason to smile. And, apparently, dance. Yes, in the background the Redskins photobombed me -- or is it videobombed? -- while I appeared on SportsCenter. The Redskins win on Sunday; they dance on Monday. With me in the foreground."

Later, Keim managed to make a clean appearance on SportsCenter:

Bulls big man Joakim Noah made the most of a second chance on his first pitch.

Throwing before the White Sox-A's game Thursday in Chicago, Noah uncorked a clunker that hit the ground several feet in front of home plate and skidded past the catcher.

But with a chance to redeem himself, Noah delivered a strike, then showed that he was quite proud of himself:

This was the second time in recent weeks that an MLB game has featured two first pitches. Bob Costas, who fired his first pitch way outside, also got a second crack at it in St. Louis. Noah's first offering was a lot weaker than Costas' so the NBA star had a case for wanting the do-over.

Although there have been some true disasters this season, notably with 50 Cent and Miss Texas, some celebrities take the first pitch seriously. Check out actress Jessica Alba taking numerous warmup pitches and showing off fine technique with her high leg kick:

Then again there's supermodel Chrissy Teigen whose accuracy was impaired from the pregame margaritas she downed.

It is no secret the Big Ten is committed to spreading its reach. Traditionally a Midwest conference, the Big Ten dove into the Great Plains in 2011 to pull in Nebraska as its 12th member. This past summer, East Coast schools Maryland and Rutgers joined the nation's oldest athletic conference.

To display this growth, the Big Ten unveiled a commercial showing off the geography. The 40-second bit takes viewers into and out of the college towns and cities included in the Big Ten. Such cities as Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, which do not actually have teams located in the urban city limits, are prominently featured.

A YouTube user named Tom McGrath created a remix of the commercial to the 'Game of Thrones' theme music. The map scenario is eerily similar to the 'Game of Thrones' intro.

The tone is much darker than the first cut, but maybe the Big Ten could use the intimidation factor against SEC opponents.

Although the commercial made an appearance on television during every Big Ten opening game this weekend, the 'Games of Thrones' version is holding its own on YouTube. On Monday night, the Big Ten's upload had garnered about 3,600 views. Tom McGrath's version had more 5,600.

George R.R. Martin, the writer of the 'Game of Thrones' books and co-executive producer of the television series, is actually no stranger to the Big Ten. Martin attended Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism where he earned a B.S. in 1970 and an M.S. in 1971.

The 65-year-old Wildcat could have helped with Northwestern's plot on Saturday. The team lost its opener to Cal, 31-24, at home.

To appreciate how realistic video games like Madden NFL have become, sometimes it helps to see the older versions. Madden NFL 15 was released this week, and to commemorate the occasion, a videographer named Michael Bromberg compiled a unique perspective.

Bromberg shows various versions of Madden, beginning with the original edition from 1989, to show a two-minute drill. The plays are based on the 49ers' final drive in a playoff game after the 1998 season against Green Bay. This is the game that ended with Steve Young hitting Terrell Owens for the winning touchdown on the final play.

As a bonus, Bromberg uses audio from the original Fox telecast with announcers Pat Summerall and John Madden.

Lorenzo Cain and Oswaldo Arcia are not household names. Cain is a 28-year-old outfielder for the Royals. Arcia is a 23-year-old outfielder for the Twins. On Thursday night in Kansas City, they exhibited a moment of talent and sportsmanship that deserves recognition.

In the top of the seventh inning with the Twins leading 5-4, Arcia crushed a pitch from Royals reliever Francisley Bueno. In center field, Cain raced back to the warning track. Leaping at the fence, 410 feet from home plate, Cain flashed the leather for a graceful grab.

On the other end, Arcia paused between first and second base and tipped his helmet to Cain. The Venezuelan then trotted back toward the visitor's dugout in disbelief.

The Royals' bench followed with an eruption of hat tipping to Cain. Such an act has long been a sign of respect in American culture, but Derek Jeter and Air Jordan's RE2PECT campaign has brought the concept to new levels.

There is also another layer to the feel-good baseball moment. The Royals are leading the Central Division. The MLB season is about five-sixths of the way through. It just so happens the Royals have not made the playoffs since 1985 -– the longest postseason drought in Major League Baseball. Four MLB teams have been added in those past 29 years. All four have made the playoffs multiple times.

There is something buzzing in Kansas City right now. Cain's catch made be a web gem, but it was not the most spectacular snag in MLB history. Both teams and fans sensed that the catch was part of a bigger story unfolding in the Heartland this season.

The Royals tied the game in the bottom of the seventh, but the Twins scored six runs in the top of the tenth to win 11-5 in extra innings. That is neither here nor there as the Royals remain in first place.

Also, in a weird twist, Cain did not actually finish the game in center field. Jarrod Dyson took right fielder Nori Aoki's spot in the batting order. Defensively, Cain shifted to right while Dyson played center.

By Mr. Madden
Pro Sports Daily

I feel like I'm becoming a bit of a shill for the guys from Dude Perfect, but there is something about their videos that I really enjoy. The boys are back, and this time they are at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., with a multi-sport trick shot video.

I was a little bit disappointed with their last video (baseball trick shots in the desert) but this one has brought me back into the fold.

The highlights for me were:

  • The golf tee shot to bust the target between the dude's legs.
  • The frisbee catch from the upper deck to midfield was pretty impressive.
  • The golf shot into the kiddie pool at midfield was also pretty good.

Here are some previous Dude Perfect trick shot videos for your enjoyment:

Baseball Trick Shots In The Desert
Crazy Bowling Trick Shots With Jason Belmonte

Gatorade's latest slogan is Sweat It To Get It. The accompanying marketing gimmick is that if you're not sweating, you haven't earned the right to drink Gatorade. To illustrate this, Gatorade shot a series of commercials with cameos from Cam Newton and Peyton Manning in which a gas station clerk won't sell the drink to non-sweating customers.

According to Ad Week, the role of the clerk is played by Rob Belushi, the son of Jim Belushi, and the director is Jody Hill from Eastbound & Down. The on-location shoot at an actual gas station and creative choice of using a hidden-camera style are meant to make it seem more real.

Manning again shows his mastery of the deadpan.

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