Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears have received no shortage of criticism this week, and with the way the team has played this year much of it may be deserved.

But one critique of the organization clearly crossed the line.

Sports anchor Mark Giangreco of ABC 7 Chicago, a longtime Windy City media presence, had some scathing words for the McCaskey family, which owns the Bears.

"The McCaskeys have to fire everybody and cut the quarterback," Giangreco said on Tuesday, one day after the Bears lost to the New Orleans Saints, 31-15. "But they won't and can't so they might as well just sell the team to some jamoke who will move it to L.A."

Over Giangreco's shoulder, a graphic with a photo of Cutler read, "Cut him or cut your wrists." Here's the clip:

While it's not clear if Giangreco or someone else was responsible for the text in the box, he was the recipient of some harsh criticism on Twitter:

Giangreco has come under fire before for comparing an ill Walter Payton to Gandhi and making a racially insensitive remark about Detroit.

Giangreco issued this apology for his Cutler remarks in a statement:

“My remarks were inappropriate, and I deeply regret and apologize for this incident. I will be issuing an on-air apology in this evening’s newscast.”

OK, we're going to give you the premise, and you probably won't believe us until watching the video. And even then, it might take replaying it a few times:

Two-handed, over-the-head, back-to-the-basket three-pointer. That hits the back of the rim and pops above the top of the backboard. Then swishes through the net.

At the buzzer.

By an eighth-grader.

This happened in New Mexico. According to the YouTube description, Skyler Forman of Albuquerque Academy hit a three-pointer to tie the game and then "a kid throws it over his head and it goes in for the game winner!" If you happen to know his name, let us know.

Update: The player who made the shot is named Damen Moleres, according to a note from Isaiah Martinez, who says they are teammates at Los Alamitos Middle School in Grants, New Mexico.

Originally scheduled to be released in November, Showtime's Kobe Bryant documentary titled Muse is now pegged to premiere in February. The network posted a new trailer to its YouTube page Friday.

In the one-minute clip, Bryant says he has "things I want to dive into and get off my chest." Just as he finishes saying that, the video cuts to a shot of a building that has "Courtroom One" marked above the door, which suggests Bryant may tackle the issue of his 2004 sexual-assault case in Colorado.

He continues by saying, "I don't have the patience to sit and write a book, so I'll do it this way. What I found through the process is that it became more than a documentary. It became therapy on film."

Here's the full trailer:

A different trailer came out in August, when the film was still on track for a November release. That one was entirely in black and white, and it focuses on his dedication and sacrifice to be a great player.

As you have probably heard by now, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis created a bit of a flap by referring to Johnny Manziel as a midget during a radio interview. Lewis apologized the next day, but a Cleveland TV station decided to needle him further at his weekly press conference Wednesday.

Fox 8 assigned Lil' John Rinaldi, a little person and a fixture on Cleveland television since 1979, to ask Lewis some height-related questions:

  • "Based on the height difference of Hoyer and Manziel how has your defensive approach changed for Sunday’s game?
  • "Hoyer likes to stand tall and throw from the pocket and Manziel tends to move around. What challenges does that present to your defense?"

If Lewis was thrown off by Rinaldi's presence, he didn't show it as he responded to the questions in stride. Somehow we don't imagine such an even-handed response if the coach had been, say, Mike Ditka. Here's how it played out:

Rinaldi, one half of the long-running The Big Chuck and Lil' John Show, is 68. He is listed at 4-foot-3 and 100 pounds on the show's website.

As the year winds down, there are all sorts of rundowns of bests and worsts, and some are more scientific than others. Here's one that's a little more random and subjective: Three GIFs that don't offer much in the larger context, but have a way of making you watch and watch and watch. Right?




Apparently twerking has become a synchronized event. Consider this video from a YouTube user named Shoshina Katerina, whose profile description says, "dancer, choreographer, twerk teacher." But since there is already a campaign to make pole dancing an Olympic sport, twerking might have some catching up to do.


Sacramento Kings rookie Nik Stauskas is a big believer in the power of the juice box when it comes to connecting with people.

In a revealing -- and adorable -- interview with the Kings' Sacramento Bee kid reporter, Stauskas quickly makes a new friend, and bonding over some juice boxes might have been the key.

"When you share a juice box with me, we're BFF," says Stauskas, the Kings' first-round pick from Michigan.

The kid reporter agrees.

"When you share a juice box with somebody, it means you're tight," the youngster says. "You can't share your juice box with somebody and not be bros."

Check out this discussion and other topics such as Happy Meal toys:

Things got ugly Tuesday night for the Brooklyn Nets' most colorful fan.

Jeffrey Vanchiro, a superfan known for wearing neon and dancing at Brooklyn games, was tossed out of the Nets-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden after "unruly" behavior.

A video was captured of Madison Square Garden security carrying Vanchiro out of the stands. Vanchiro, who lost his left leg in a car accident at age 21, seems to be without the prosthesis in this video:

crazy ejection of nets fan with prosthetic leg at #msg @nyknicks

A video posted by jeigs (@jeigs) on

Vanchiro had the prosthetic leg returned to him after he was ejected, the New York Post reported.

Vanchiro, 38, is a former professional poker player who goes by the name Jeffrey Gamblero. The Knicks issued the following statement regarding Vanchiro:

"An unruly fan was ejected after MSG security received multiple complaints from fans sitting in that area," the team said via a team spokesperson. "The fan was warned multiple times before being removed. He will not be permitted back into Madison Square Garden."

Some reports indicated that Vanchiro had taken off his prosthetic leg and was hitting people with it. A few reporters took to Twitter to invalidate that claim:

Whatever the reason for the ejection, this may be Vanchiro's last game at Madison Square Garden:

This isn't the first time a fan has been unruly as he is escorted out of Madison Square Garden. A man sued Madison Square Garden after he says he was unfairly tossed from a game on Jan. 7, 2014 for heckling the players.

Dwyane Wade returned to the Heat's lineup Sunday after missing seven games because of a hamstring injury and scored 27 points in Miami's 86-79 road win against the Knicks.

Wade's wife, Gabrielle Union, apparently wasn't all that impressed. "Good for an old geezer," she said.

See how Union clowns her husband:

Matthew Stafford's fiancée has got range.

Kelly Hall, the former Georgia cheerleader to whom the Detroit Lions quarterback is engaged, showed off her impressive basketball skills in a video she posted his week to Instagram. Playing on a court emblazoned with the Detroit Pistons logo, Hall sinks four straight three-pointers.

Behind the arch. Men's ball. So close.

A video posted by Kelly Hall (@kbhall82) on

Pretty impressive. The Pistons, who are averaging a measly 92.2 points-per-game, could use a shooter like Hall.

This isn't the first time Hall has gone off from beyond the arc. Earlier this year TMZ obtained a video of Hall hitting several three-pointers from long distance:

The college sweethearts were engaged earlier this year. Here are some more photos of the happy couple:

Pool day.

A photo posted by Kelly Hall (@kbhall82) on

So in love with everything about this man.

A photo posted by Kelly Hall (@kbhall82) on

The palace #LionsinLondon #1year2rings

A photo posted by Kelly Hall (@kbhall82) on

Hall's brother, Chad, is a wide receiver who has played for the Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers and Kansas Chiefs.

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