Manny Pacquiao loves basketball so much that he includes it as a cross-training exercise when preparing for a fight. Pacquiao, a player and coach for a team in the Philippine Basketball Association, says hoops helps with balance and footwork. During one of his basketball sessions in Los Angeles, where he has set up training camp for his bout against Floyd Mayweather, Pacquiao got an interesting challenge.

Reporter Elie Seckbach said he would do 100 pushups if Pacquiao could nail a three-pointer. Here's what happened:

At the start of this video, you will see a man struggle trying to skateboard. Then he tumbles to the pavement. Usually a face-plant would be the highlight for one of these videos. In this case, it's just the opening act. The skateboard keeps going in the opposite direction and heads into an intersection. That's where the SUV comes in:

Some fans use intuition when filling out their NCAA tournament brackets. Others use advanced analytics. Some even go with arbitrary measures, like selecting by mascot or color.

Whatever the method is for your (March) madness, you'll get a kick out of a new video from comedians Joe Tracy and David Schmulenson. Last month the Los Angeles-based duo guided fans through the dreary post-Super Bowl malaise, and now they're back with a look at this year's NCAA tournament field.

It seems all roads lead to the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats, who are the overwhelming favorites to win this year's championship, but might another group of Wildcats shock the world?

Spoiler alert: probably not.

Normally a non-contact sport, ping pong recently took a dangerous turn for one elderly woman.

A new trending Vine video titled "Grandma loves ping pong" depicts a woman going all out for a point. Due to the tight quarters of the table's configuration, this woman takes a nasty spill in an effort to save a point.

Here's the video, which already has 2.5 million loops.

Ouch. Hopefully this woman is OK after her fall. Next time perhaps the family should not set up a ping-pong table so close to a cabinet that is holding lots of breakable items.

If you laughed at this, don't be ashamed. The most common reaction on Twitter seemed to be one of guarded pleasure:

Even some of the NFL's best running backs aren't every-down players anymore as the league evolves toward specialization. Steven Jackson, a three-time Pro Bowl running back, has launched a campaign to lobby on behalf of those playing the position. In this PSA-style video, Jackson cites Hall of Famers such as Walter Payton, Earl Campbell, Barry Sanders and Marcus Allen as examples of running backs who stayed in the game for all situations.

Watch Jackson make his case to Save The Running Back, and asks fans to join the cause by writing to their favorite team.

One of the campaign's goals is to raise money for the Steven Jackson Foundation, which promotes education and health for children.

If you're going to hitch a ride on the back of a snowmobile, please be very careful where you place your feet. Like not on the tread of the snowmobile. That might sound like common sense, but a Russian man overlooked this crucial safety tip, and now he's the star of a viral YouTube video with more than 500,000 views. It was posted in February, but apparently a link on Reddit last week has given the clip new traction. Fortunately for everyone in this video, they were able to laugh it off.

Cal Ripken Jr. will turn 55 this summer, but he is still packing a strong throwing arm. Check out this dart from Ripken to J.J. Hardy in the ceremonial first pitch at a Spring Training game.

As many broadcasters are fond of saying, looks like that had some nice late movement on it.

We're hardly rugby aficionados, but you don't really need to appreciate the finer points of the game to understand this is simply a dazzling display of skill.

If you're interested in the particulars, that was Rangi Chase of the Salford Red Devils in Australia setting up Josh Griffin for a score against Hull FC.


Shortly after Ronda Rousey finished off challenger Cat Zingano in just 14 seconds Saturday night, there was a growing buzz about her competing against men in UFC. It's actually a ridiculous and disrespectful idea, as Kevin Iole articulates, but there is always room for Rousey's handling of male MMA journalists who wise off to her. See the unfortunate fate of MMA Prime's Aaron Tru:

If Ronda Rousey is still unbeaten 15 years from now, here's the contender who might have a chance at knocking her off:

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