Jeremy Lin will fit in well in Hollywood.

No stranger to the spotlight, the 25-year-old point guard has been adjusting to his new surroundings since signing with the Los Angeles Lakers last week.

As part of his introduction to Tinseltown, Lin filmed this hilarious video with YouTube stars A.J. Raphael, Ryan Higa, Philip Wang and actor Harry Shum Jr., among others. In it, Lin is still downcast about the Houston Rockets' heartbreaking loss to the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

His friends create an elaborate musical number to try to cheer him up, and while Lin doesn't exactly dance, he's at the center of a well-choreographed and well-shot performance.

Then Lin puts on a performance of his own, putting his piano and basketball skills to use. The film even has an inspirational message that fits nicely with Lin's journey over the last two-and-a-half years.

Check it out:

The video, which is approaching 50,000 views in its first day on YouTube, was directed by Evan Jackson Leong. Leong also directed the 2013 documentary Linsanity.

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Last month, Haneef "Young Hollywood" Munir performed a dunk by having his girlfriend stand on a chair in front of the basket.

He added a fresh twist to this in Las Vegas at the Jordan Brand dunk contest by having rapper Bow Wow handle the honors of holding the ball while atop a chair:

Unfortunately for Young Hollywood, this wasn't enough to win the title. That distinction belonged to Mississippi prep star Shelby McEwen.

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Until running across this video, we weren't aware that there is a world record for Rollerskating Limbo. But we're pretty sure that 6-year-old Gagan Satish of Bangalore, India, deserves the honor after seeing him do the splits on roller skates, flatten his torse and cruise under 39 cars. Apparently his status is under review from the Guinness World Records officials.

According to this report from Barcroft TV, Satish covered the distance of nearly 230 feet in 29.8 seconds, and the space between the ground and the bottom of the cars was 7 7⁄8 inches. The previous distance record, set two years ago by a 5-year-old in India, was 157 feet.

Satish has been skating since he received a pair of skates on his third birthday and works with a coach, who had initially turned him down for being too young.

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Throwing out the first pitch at an MLB game is an honor but it also comes with the huge potential for lifelong embarrassment. Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic decided to avoid trouble and play to his strength. Like tennis.

Raonic delivered the first pitch Tuesday night in Toronto before the Blue Jays-Red Sox game by bringing his racquet and launching a serve from the mound. Raonic, who reached the Wimbledon semifinals for the first time this year, can't be accused of offering weak stuff that couldn't even reach the plate.

It was a nice moment that played well to the hometown crowd, but we're just happy that Raonic's first pitch/serve gives us an excuse to run this bit in which TSN of Canada got him to utter a classic Seinfeld line that involves his name.

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Manchester United opened its four-game pre-season tour of the United States on Wednesday with a friendly at the Rose Bowl against the LA Galaxy.

A day earlier, Manchester United held a workout at the Rose Bowl, and it included the club's new manager Louis van Gaal offering a big hug to Wayne Rooney. The reason? Check out this corner kick.

And here's more of van Gaal providing some pointers to his players:

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The wrist must be healed.

Last month we shared the video in which Cleveland teen Kevin Libertowski made a trick shot by doing a back flip on trampoline -- with a broken wrist.

For his latest trick, Libertowski executes the equivalent of a full-court shot with a front flip. It looks much more impressive than we just made it sound:

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There is no way around it. Tuesday's 7-1 Germany World Cup semifinal victory over Brazil was a smackdown. On the biggest stage, the world witnessed a drudging of the host nation.

In Brazil, the tabloids lashed out at the national team. In Germany, the celebrations are prevalent, as the country prepares to cheer its team in its first World Cup final since 2002.

Radio Bayern 3, 99.5 FM in Munich, summed the match up in ten seconds:

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Part of Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston's training involves wearing a mask that simulates high-altitude conditions.

It also makes him look like Bane, the Batman villain.

Fortunately for us, Houston can deliver Bane's lines off the top of his head while he has the mask on his face.

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World Cup players are not the only individuals relevant to American television every four years. Many of the broadcasters also become popular every mid-term election year.

This year's ESPN World Cup broadcasting bunch has included, among others, British host Lynsey Hipgrave, current player Landon Donovan and former players American Alexi Lalas, German Michael Ballack and Dutchman Ruud van Nistelrooy. All five were satirized in a cartoon posted on YouTube by storyboard artist, voice actor and writer Sean Rohani.

Without spoiling the video, Lalas is labeled a strong personality, clashing with Ballack and van Nistelrooy's more laid back-style. Donovan is also poked fun at for his somewhat awkward satellite appearances.

The video appears to be met with positive responses from the subjects:

Mike Tirico, Taylor Twellman, Roberto Martinez and others escape scrutiny.

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Rafael Nadal became the only male tennis player to ever win the same Grand Slam tournament nine times when he captured the French Open in May. However, the Spaniard suffered a fourth-round defeat at Wimbledon Tuesday to Aussie Nick Kyrgios in four sets.

However, in between Grand Slam tournaments, Nadal achieved a separate feat. He bounced a ball on the side of his racquet 406 times.

In a video released over the weekend by the tennis manufacturer Babolat, Nadal achieves the task in a grassy backyard and is deemed "#Wimbjuggledon Champion." The 14-time grand slam champ strapped a GoPro to himself to help capture the moment:

Although he came into Wimbledon as the world No. 1, Nadal was seeded second in the tournament. Along with his 14 Grand Slam titles, Nadal has 64 total titles and a total earnings of more than $70,000,000.

Would it be too cynical to suggest that bouncing a ball on the side of his racquet 406 times for a promotional video took too much out of Nadal, leading to his early exit at Wimbledon?

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