If playing for Mark Cuban and alongside Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas isn't reason enough for Dwight Howard to sign with the Mavericks, the free agent big man just got a little more incentive from a popular Texas restaurant.

Raising Cane's, a fast food joint with 20 locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has said that if Howard signs with the Mavericks, it will give him free chicken fingers for life.

The company has purchased six electronic billboards in the area that encourage Howard to sign with Dallas. Howard is expected to meet with the Mavericks this week and make a final decision by July 10.

“These next few days, Dwight Howard will be making arguably the most important career decision of his life,” Adam Reed, marketing manager at Raising Cane’s, said in a statement. “We have a lot of passionate fans among our Crewmembers in our DFW restaurants, so we thought we’d make Dwight an offer he couldn’t refuse to up the ante for a Dallas-bound decision. We are also calling on every Dallas fan to join us in making the case online, in order to bring the big man to Big D.”

Although the offer may seem like a good idea now, it could come back to haunt Raising Cane's. The The Dallas Morning News calculated that if Howard were to eat at the restaurant every day for rest of his life (unlikely, but stick with us), the restaurant could wind up losing more than half a million dollars.

The Mavericks can't pay Howard as much as the Lakers could, but maybe this offer will help bridge the gap. After all, Howard has to pay for his chicken fingers in Los Angeles, and $20 million only gets you so far.

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Having a background in cooking isn't a prerequisite for offensive line coaches, but it certainly doesn't hurt. After all, these 300-pound behemoths are nearly as good at eating as they are at protecting the quarterback.

And few offensive lineman have it better than those at Vanderbilt. That's because these guys get to eat food prepared by Herb Hand, who may just be on his way to cooking show stardom.

You see, Hand is not only the offensive line coach at Vanderbilt, he's also an excellent chef. Hand is so good, in fact, that he seems to be a finalist to appear on the popular Food Network show "Chopped." On the program, four chefs compete against each other for a grand prize of $10,000.

"Cooking is one of my true passions," Hand told Bleacher Report. "I love making good food for people. Whether it's my family, friends or players, I truly enjoy serving a great meal. I look forward to the opportunity to compete."

Hand hasn't been officially selected for the show yet, but he seems to be pretty confident that he'll make it. And when he does, he's already got his victory celebration planned out.

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Bikers passing through Tempe may be pleasantly surprised to find a cool new seven-acre complex built with motorcycles in mind.

Renowned chef Michael O'Dowd has teamed with Ed Leclere, a Harley-Davidson promoter, and Rick Hatch, a former Harley-Davidson dealer, to create the Motorsports Garage Fork & Torque. According to the Arizona Republic, the seven-acre complex will include a Fork & Torque restaurant, a motorcycle dealership and rental agency, a 5,000-seat concert venue and even a clothing store.

O'Dowd told the Arizona Republic that Fork & Torque will have a "smokehouse" menu, saying it will be a "friendly" environment that caters to families and not just "a buch of Hell's Angels."

The Motorsports Garage Fork & Torque is one of a few projects that O'Down and Leclere have opened under the umbrella of their new company, Vivid Lifestyle Concepts. They recently opened Renegade by MOD, a well-reviewed restaurant in Scottsdale, and they're also taking over food and beverage operations at SunRidge Canyon, a public golf course in Fountain Hills.

Renegade by MOD also has a motorcycle theme, with bikes and motorcycles displayed around the restaurant.

O'Dowd, Leclere and Hatch are planning on opening the Motorsports Garage Fork & Torque in September.

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A man at a Cleveland Indians game was faced with an extremely difficult decision recently.

He was sitting in the first row of seats beyond the right field foul line when a ball came screaming his way. The gentleman happened to be eating a hot dog, and he didn't have enough time to put his tasty treat down. So, what could he do?

Well, he stood up, hot dog in one hand, and snagged the ball with his free hand. Frankly, he made the catch look easy. All told, it made for an extremely impressive barehanded grab.

This is almost as cool as the dads who catch foul balls while holding a baby.

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The Washington Nationals are paying Adam LaRoche $10 million this year, and what are they getting in return?

Thirty runs, 52 hits, and about 400 pounds of beef -- every month.

In an outstanding profile in the Washington Times, Nathan Fenno writes that Nationals team chef Faisal Sultani gets a huge assist every month from LaRoche.

The 33-year-old infielder owns a ranch in southeast Kansas, and every two months he has 800 pounds of hormone-and-antibiotic-free Black Angus beef (roughly two cows) sent to Sultani.

The beef is especially helpful on days when Sultani makes beef stroganoff. In order to feed 50 professional baseball players and coaches, Sultani needs about 100 pounds of beef.

It's not clear whether LaRoche gives the Nationals a discount on the beef, although with that salary, he certainly could afford to.

Sultani has visisted the ranch. LaRoche brought him there to cook for five weeks before spring training.

"Nothing against my wife," LaRoche told the Times, "but she doesn't compare to a professional chef’s cooking."

(H/T to For The Win)

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We know just how superstitious baseball players can be. So perhaps it's not entirely surprising when they rally around an inanimate object. A hat, for example. Or a plantain. Or a piece of lingerie. Well, you get the idea.

But the latest bizarre object to serve as a good luck charm is one of the weirdest.

The Kansas City Royals have attributed their recent six-game winning streak to, you guessed it, a lucky brand of barbecue sauce. And this isn't just any condiment. This is Billy Butler's special Hit It A Ton barbecue sauce, which benefits Butler's eponymous charity. The sauce was released in April, but ever since the Royals received a shipment of bottles to their dugout, they've been unbeatable.

Coincidence? Probably. But don't tell that to Kansas City pitcher Jeremy Guthrie, who has been one of the main proponents of the sauce.

Naturally, the Royals have embraced the hashtag #RallySauce, and it probably hasn't hurt the condiment's sales. But with the proceeds from Hit It A Ton going to charity, it's hard to not embrace the movement.

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Roy Hibbert struggled against the Miami Heat in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, but he did dominate one thing.

During a break in the action late in the third quarter, the cameras caught Hibbert downing a 20 ounce bottle of Gatorade. And when we say "downing," we mean absolutely dominating. He took that thing down in about six seconds:

Naturally, some impressed writers over at For The Win wanted to see if they could match Hibbert's feat. While they each put in valiant efforts, none of them came even close.

In expressing his disappointment, USA Today's Michael Katz caught the eye of the big man himself.

Hibbert loved the idea of a competition, and he said he would buy a Gatorade so he could repeat the feat. He even issued challenges to Pistons center Andre Drummond, Celtics forward Jeff Green and stand-up comic Chelsea Peretti.

Lots of people have tried to pull off the chug, but few have succeeded. Here's a clip of one of the more impressive performances:

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As schools wind down and summer break begins for children across the country, many parents will be looking for fun, productive and cheap ways to fill their kids' time.

Throw in the words "ice cream," and many children will be interested at a moment's notice.

After a particularly delicious ice-cream outing with his young son, J.M. Hirsch of the Associated Press was inspired to think up a simple and tasteful ice cream recipe. What he came up with is both inexpensive and brilliant: Doctored ice cream. This involves buying a pint from the store, softening it and adding mix-ins.

"The beauty of this approach," Hirsch writes, "is that it lets you focus on the fun part. You also can turn it into a fun family activity in which everyone makes a flavor, then everyone can share and compare."

For Rice Krispies Treat Ice Cream, all one needs are one pint of vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup of Marshmallow Fluff and three Rice Krispies treats. After softening the ice cream (either by leaving it out at room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes or by putting it in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds), Hirsch suggests scooping the pint into a bowl. Mix the Marshmallow Fluff with the ice cream, then cut the Rice Krispies treats into small chunks and mix those with the ice cream.

After all the mixing is done, move the Rice Krispies concoction to a quart-sized storage container. Put plastic wrap on the surface and place in the freezer until it becomes firm (about one hour).

For two more quick and delicious recipes from Hirsch, see here.

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